“With such strong community opposition right from the start, you are way ahead. You are doing exactly what it takes to win this.” Jeffrey Barbee.

This is no time to presume that someone else will be preventing unconventional gas exploration and extraction from affecting our health, the quality of water we drink and the air we breathe, while further placing our food security at risk. It is up to us.

Our aim is to get a moratorium on these unconventional gas applications until a full Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been conducted. Your help will be invaluable.

Audience asks fracking questions at Rhino Oil & Gas meeting in Howick

Get informed – join the organisations working to stop these applications, read up and learn more. Subscribe to Frack Free SA to receive regular updates and inspiration – just add your email address at the bottom of the page.
Take action to reduce your fossil fuel dependence and advocate for change in your community – we can’t just say no to fracking without supporting suitable alternatives.
Speak up about fracking – write letters to the media, political parties, government ministers; phone in to radio stations, send photos to relevant government departments and, if no response, to newspapers, TV stations of any inappropriate developments in your area and post them on social media (always check your facts!).  Download a list of Ministries details here: Ministries contact details
Follow the money – at the moment we do not understand just who will benefit, but we do know that communities and civil society will bear the true costs from the impacts. Do you really believe that this will create jobs?
Register as an IAP (Interested and Affected Party) for all applications and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) – comment on all documents sent out for these processes and demand that proper baseline assessments (health, air, water, biodiversity) are conducted PRIOR to any exploration or extraction and that an SEA is undertaken for all unconventional gas exploration and extraction projects and proposals (not only in the Karoo).  Details of Applications on Will Fracking Affect Me page.

Comment at every phase of the official process. Most often you can use the same comments from a previous step, simply refined a little.
Establish networks to co-ordinate the spread of information, ask info@frackfreesa.org.za to add you to the mailing list for regular updates and commit your organisation to supporting Frack Free SA.
Establish local Frack Free zones – in agriculture, tourism, commerce, education. R200 gives you the right to a personalised Frack Free logo eg Frack Free Durban or Frack Free Green High School or Frack Free Waterside Farm. Contact design@frackfreesa.org.za
Screen interesting and informative movies in your community – High Cost of Cheap Gas and Unearthed are two popular local ones. Contact films@frackfreesa.org.za to borrow them.  Watch Frackopoly – about a community fighting for their rights.
Follow Frack Free on Facebook and Twitter  and share the info widely.
Make a small donation – SMS ‘frackfree’ to 40580 to donate R20 to the cause
Make a big donation – use the reference Frack Free and your name when you deposit your contribution:  DUCT Nedbank, Current account, Account number 1343 074 320 Please let finance@frackfreesa.org.za know about your generosity.
Sign the petition to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

Sign the petition to the Minister of Environmental Affairs

Support Divestment- Fossil Free SA 

Let your imagination run wild!  Creative geniuses are definitely required – skills in filmmaking, marketing, social media, photography, graphic design, advertising, writing or research?  We have just the frack free spot for you to put them to use. Contact campaign@frackfreesa.org.za

seismic surveys may destroy habitats (impact from Rhino BID)

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