Frack Free South Africa

Frack Free SA opposes, on ecological, health, social, and economic grounds, the use of Fracking or other techniques to recover Unconventional Gas. Specifically, Frack Free SA believes that the risk of contamination of groundwater in an already water-stressed environment is simply unacceptable. Despite assurances from potential extractors that the technique is safe, evidence of failed safety measures and resultant contamination is increasingly common in areas where fracking has been approved.

There is widespread opposition across diverse communities, making it clear that unconventional gas exploration and extraction, including the possibility of fracking, has no place in South Africa.

Frack Free SA is powered by volunteers – including Fracktavistas, a Fearless Leader (or maybe more), a whole lot of Anti-Fracking Angels and a few Fairies – who have drawn a line in the sand and are determined to take back the power from the politicians and greedy corporations who have short-term gains as their objectives and do not care about the havoc left behind when they pocket their money and move on.

“We will be remembered for what we refuse to allow to be destroyed. The crusade can be lonely and draining, but with fractivistas like those around us, we will, without any doubt, prevail, and leave intact catchments for our grandkids.” – Nicky McLeod ENVIRONMENTAL & RURAL SOLUTIONS Matatiele.

Safe Fracking is a fairy tale

These organisations support Frack Free SA – do you? Send us an e-mail at  if you would like us to add you to our list of supporters.


African Conservation Trust, Amadiba Crisis Committee, Bakoena Traditional Council, Bikers Against Fracking, BiomimmicrySA, Birdlife Port Natal, Bulwer Biosphere, Church Land Programme, Coast Watch, Concerned Young People of South Africa, Concerned Residents of Msinga, Crestholme Conservancy, Currys Post Conservancy, Dargle Conservancy, DUCT, Ethekwini Conservancies Forum, Everton Conservancy, EWT, groundWork, Happy Earth Forum, HARTS (Howick Artists), Hlatikulu Crane and Wetland Sanctuary, Kamberg Conservancy, Karoo Environmental Justice Network, KwaNalu, KZN Crane Foundation, KZN Fly Fishers Club, KZN Hunting & Conservation Ass, KZN Inland Branch Bot Soc, Lower Mpushini Conservancy, Michaelhouse School, Midlands Meander Education Project, Miss Earth SA, MMAA Mooi Mpofana Agric Ass, Monteseel Conservancy, Mpophomeni Conservation Group, MCEJO, Mpunkunyoni Community Property Association,  Mtunzini Conservancy, Newcastle Environmental Justice Alliance, Nkosana Tribal Authority, P.E.A.C.E., Pholela Biosphere, Raptor Rescue and Rehabilitation, Rosetta Nottingham Road Conservancy,  SAFCEI, Singakwenza, Slow Food KZN Imifino, South African Youth Climate Change Coalition, South Durban COmmunity Environmental Alliance, SouthernCape Land Committee, Sustaining the Wild Coast, TimberWatch, Umbambano Youth Organisation, UKZN Centre for Civil Rights, Umzimvubu Catchment Partnership Programme, Water Explorer Programme, Wilderness Action Group, Wildlands, Winterskloof Conservancy, Women in Leadership Training Programme, Worlds View Conservancy, Water Explorer SA, WWF-SS Xolobeni, Zincede Mining Acticvists.

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