Often pictures do speak louder than words. A selection of fabulous info graphics are available for you to download and use on our Graphics page.

A useful overview of fracking in Southern Africa by Jeff Barbee: Fracking Hell – SA’s Gas Dilemma 

Watch these videos of some of the public meetings:

Matatiele (Mandy Francis)

Lions River (Nicole Schafer and Jane Symes)

exploration impacts

Would you like to declare your cottage, farm, school, business, product or neighbourhood a Frack Free zone?  For just R200, you can order your own Frack Free logo to use as you like. Imagine Frack Free Durban, Frack Free Watershed Farm, Frack Free Green High School or Frack Free Wheat-Free Bread (example below).  Contact design@frackfreesa.org.za to order yours today.

Feel free to use any of these:

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