While there have been some successes for the volunteers of Frack Free SA, the onslaught continues unabated. We need to prevent unconventional gas exploration both on – and off – shore, as there are viable alternatives.  Destructive extraction of an energy source that contributes to the emissions driving Climate Change, is unnecessary.

We recognise that we need to fight this on many fronts – from educating and inspiring, to advocating for change and, of course, legally too.

Victories in the courts are particularly valuable as each case builds on those that have gone before. Each precedent set helps other organisations and communities to protect their lives and livelihoods and the ecosystems on which we all rely. Often, battles are won on the small details, on the legitimacy of the ruling and technicalities.

We have a number of opportunities to do this now with regard to the recent exploration licences that have been granted. However, we need money to do this effectively.

Local artists, all passionate about protecting our environment have donated exceptional artworks, which will be sold to raise the necessary funds. You can make a significant contribution by buying a beautiful piece for your home or office.

Contact Elizabeth at art@frackfreesa.org.za for more details .

View the artworks.

I Am You by Elizabeth Balcomb
I Am You by Elizabeth Balcomb
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